Zac Welling – Junior Winner of the Rotary National Young Photographer 2020/1

Zac has already met with success at Club and District level in the competition and the Camberley Club are delighted he has swept the board this time before  he moves onto the Intermediates group next year .

The Gannet photograph was taken at Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire where Zac spent the whole  day taking photos of all sorts of seabirds and striving to get the perfect Gannet shot.

The wild European Wall lizards are famously found at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.  Zac spent more than an hour just waiting patiently for the perfect lizard to come and bask in the right place.

It was Zac’s interest in nature  that led him to taking  pictures of wild life, initially with a small hand me - down Samsung digital camera. His mother Joanna (a past president of Rotoract ) said Zac showed an interest in nature from an early age – naming birds in the garden from the age of two !

In 2017 the family went on a trip to see some Bee-eaters near Nottingham, these birds are very rare visitors to the UK and attracted lots of interest from very serious bird watchers. Zac found himself  alongside people with very big, long lensed cameras.  Zac wished he too had a good camera to get great shots of the wildlife he had seen.

So very determined he started saving up birthday money, Christmas money and did jobs to earn money for his Canon SX hs bridge camera which he got in 2018 (age 8)

Zac chooses his photos by a process of elimination and it’s a pain staking procedure.  He will ask the family what their thoughts are and get them to choose their favourites but ultimately he chooses what he considers to be his best shot to enter.

Asked about the Rotary  Competition he said he enjoys having  a target to work towards.  He likes to see his work on display to the public at the busy Camberley Community Centre but ultimately takes photos for the joy of I,t and the pleasure of looking back at the wildlife he has seen.

He is inspired by photographers work  in competitions such as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Given the chance to choose next year’s Subject for Young Photographer he would  go for  “Colours of Nature” but then he is a wild life specialist !!

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