Health Care Service is Exhausted in Lebanon.

The medical corps have been working continuously since the big fires of October 2019 and then the  uprising, then Covid 19 pandemic and then the massive Docks explosion in August 2020 which wrecked Beirut and it’s most modern hospital.

The health care professionals are exhausted, some doctors and nurses have left the country and immigrated to less stressful places. The ones left are struggling to meet demands from all sides, they need support.

All that in a poor economic situation and a seemingly hopeless future

Lebanon -a failing state ?

Lebanon is a small country (about half the size of Wales) located in the eastern Mediterranean with borders to the north and east with Syria, and to the south with Israel.

The population is 6.8 million, being around 4.5 million Lebanese and the rest are Syrian refugees who fled the fighting in their country as of 2011. The multi religion population primarily speak Arabic although French and English are widely spoken

World’s worst economic crisis.

Lebanon is currently experiencing the worst economic crises, anywhere in the world since the 1800’s. There is massive inflation and prices are soaring. Lebanon’s middle class has been gutted and the government has failed miserably to restore the country to its former glory.

70% Lebanese in poverty.

The Syrian refugees are supported and funded by NGOs, but the Lebanese population does not qualify for the same support!!!

UNICEF claims more than 70% of Lebanese are below the poverty line and now don’t have enough food or enough money to buy food.

This situation has been deteriorating following the August 2020 explosion in the docks and the disastrous Covid 19 pandemic. No responsibility for the explosion has been established so no Insurance compensation has been made.

Banks have limited withdrawals; pharmacies are running out of critical supplies and fuel is in short supply. Electricity is available for only a few hours each day which makes life in general and hospital treatment very difficult.

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