Our partnership with Rotary Cadmos - Lebanon.

Joint  Projects now include providing and distributing Bedding and Linen to residents. 
15000 Adult Incontinence pads for the elderly
Advanced simulation equipment for medical training.

It began following the Beirut Docks Explosion August 4th   2020.

In normal times Camberley Rotary club would organise a public collection in response to such a disaster. Speed of response is important to meet the needs of people affected and to be effective the appeal needs to go to the public whilst the News of the Emergency has a high profile in the national media.

A special arrangement with Surrey Heath Borough Council means they will issue a Street Collection license in hours. Most years the club collects funds for at least two emergencies which range from Earthquakes to Hurricanes usually in the Southern Hemisphere.

But in this case, because of Covid restrictions, we could not undertake a collection. In addition Shelterbox would not be engaged in this instance and they have been our chosen way of ensuring the help went directly to aid those impacted by  disasters.

Tom Newman of the Camberley Club had relations in Beirut who had connections with Rotary Club of Cadmos, one of the three Beirut Clubs . Contact was made and the Camberley Club used funds from the Charity account and social money accrued during the lock down to send 2000 Us dollars and a further top up.

The Cadmos Club purchased and distributed 100 sets of bedding and towels to people who had lost their homes and all their housed hold items. They  produced a video of the project and attached sent the attached letter and photos.

We were very impressed with the professional way Cadmos reacted and their use of social media to communicate the needs of their community and demonstrate how effectively they used emergency funds. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3297820940305878

It turns out that this small club has an exceptional  record of delivery projects in Beirut and in April this year won a prestigious Regional award called  ‘The Power of Goodness’. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no839nU6nNw